Bonnie and Clay are a step-grandmother/grandson duo that sometimes travel the world together.

Como??? Well, it went like this….

Bob Elliot married Jean and had a smaller Bob Elliot. They lived in Florida and caught some fish.

Younger hippie Bob married farmgirl Patty, who at barely 21 had a little blonde girl boy named Clay.

Years later, older Bob married “the best thing that ever happened to me”, a young whippersnapper named Bonnie. The hippies took the little blonde boy down to Florida to visit Bob and Bonnie.

Bob became a photographer, Bonnie and he fell in love with Africa. They went again and again and eventually started leading photo safaris there.

Little blonde Clay evolved into a brown-haired boy obsessed with traveling and loved Africa as well. Bob and Bonnie and Clay exchanged stories and visits and more stories.

Some years later, they all drove like crazy people around the northeast chasing leaves with cameras and birds with binoculars.

In March 2015, Bob passed peacefully at home. Bonnie honored him with some thoughts in the local paper, of appropriate length. “Ma’am, are you sure you want to fill this space, it’s quite expansive (expensive? explainsive?)”….”Yes, I’m quite sure thank you very much.”

That Christmas, Bonnie and Clay did a test travel run together, hanging out in the islands of Georgia with Ella. They chased birds with binoculars and squirrels with dogs.

Things went well, so they decided to explore a few more places. Galapagos, Antarctica…Idaho??


Lots more stories to follow!!